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Dr. Degenholtz interviewed Drs. Daniel George at Penn State College of Medicine and Peter Whitehouse at Case Western Reserve University about their co-authored book, “American Dementia: Brain Health in an Unhealthy Society,” published last year by Johns Hopkins University Press.  Information about the book can be found at The Gerontologist published a review of the book by Drs. Cameron J. Camp and Evan Shelton, “Zooming Out on Dementia: The Effects of American Society on Brain Health.”

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Stigma of dementia is one of the greatest barriers for people living with dementia and their care partners. It can lead to low self-esteem, poor mental health, and a decreased quality of life. Research shows that older adults fear dementia more than cancer, stroke, and heart disease combined. Despite this knowledge, few studies focus on actions to improve understanding and reduce stigma of dementia. In this episode, Dr. Marc Viger sits down with podcast host Dr. Juanita-Dawne Bacsu to chat about stigma of dementia and discuss some key actions for challenging this issue and improving the quality of life for people living with dementia and their care partners. 

Guest:  Marc Viger, MD (Bio)—Family Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. 

Host:  Juanita-Dawne Bacsu, PhD (Bio)—Postdoctoral Fellow, Rural Dementia Action Research Team, University of Saskatchewan, and Research Associate, Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit, University of Regina, Canada. 

This podcast episode is supported by the GSA Innovation Fund: 75th Anniversary. 

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In the fourth episode of The Gerontologist Podcast, Dr. Degenholtz interviewed Dr. Wendy Moyle at Griffith University about her research using robotic pets for people with dementia.  Her paper, "She Had a Smile on Her Face as Wide as the Great Australian Bite": A Qualitative Examination of Family Perceptions of a Therapeutic Robot and a Plush Toy, published in the 2018 special issue of The Gerontologist on technology an aging, expands this work to explore the impact of the robotic pets on family members. After speaking with Dr. Moyle, he called his mom to see what she thinks about using robotic pets for people with dementia.

Article (February 2019 special issue of The Gerontologist, "Technology and Aging")

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Dr. Degenholtz interviewed Dr. Rebecca Collins about her clinical practice and research on mindfulness-based interventions. Her paper, The Effectiveness of Mindfulness- and Acceptance-Based Interventions for Informal Caregivers of People With Dementia: A Meta-Analysis, published in The Gerontologist provides a great meta-analysis of the effectiveness of these strategies for dementia caregivers.  After speaking with her, Dr. Degenholtz called his mom to see what she thinks about mindfulness and acceptance based strategies.

Article (Published online on April 4, 2018 in The Gerontologist)

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